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Assault Defense Attorney in DuPage County

If you have been accused of assault or any type of violent crime and are interested in getting answers to your questions and information about your rights and options, please contact a DuPage County criminal defense attorney at our firm. We offer a free case analysis and are standing by 24/7 to see how we can help you. With our experience in this field and our commitment to protecting our clients' interests, we can provide you with the criminal defense representation you need to challenge your assault charges.

Assault: Information & Penalties

Assault is a Class C misdemeanor under Illinois law. It is defined as unlawfully placing another person in reasonable fear of injury or harm. For example, threatening to punch a person or raising your fist as though to strike another may be considered forms of assault. This offense may be punishable by up to 30 days in jail and/or a fine of up to $1,500. In certain circumstances, a defendant may face more serious Class A misdemeanor or Class 4 felony charges for aggravated assault. The use of a deadly weapon or an assault against a peace officer, elderly person over 60 years of age or handicapped person may constitute aggravated assault.

DuPage County Criminal Defense Lawyer for Assault Charges

At the Law Offices of Howard J. Wise & Associates, we have handled literally thousands of criminal cases as prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys. Because our team includes former prosecutors, we understand how the government will work to try to convict you of assault. We can more easily recognize faults in the prosecuting attorney's case, bringing these to light in negotiations with the prosecution or during trial to secure a dismissal or acquittal on your behalf.

Let us use our experience on both sides of the courtroom to handle your assault charges. Contact a DuPage County assault defense lawyer at our firm today for your free consultation.

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