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Case Results


Attempted 1st Degree Murder; Aggravated Battery

RESULT:  All Charges Dismissed

Defendant was arrested and charged with attempted murder and aggravated  battery for allegedly striking a fifty-year old man and his eighteen-year old son over the head numerous times with a thick lead pipe. Both victims were left bleeding and barely conscious.  During trial, Mr. Wise used strategic questioning while cross-examining the victims as they testified. This questioning led to some inconsistencies in the victims' accounts of the events that took place the night of  the attack and therefore put some doubt in the State’s case.  Following the trial, the Court found the defendant not guilty of all charges and released the defendant from custody.


Attempted 1st Degree Murder; Aggravated Battery with a Firearm; Aggravated Discharge of a Firearm; Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon.

RESULT: 9 of 10 Counts Dismissed; On the Remaining Count the Defendant was Sentenced to 2 Years Probation.

After being chased and beaten by police, the defendant was arrested on the above charges. A written confession was given and the State was seeking the maximum sentence in the Illinois Department of Corrections. A motion to suppress the confession was heard by the Judge and granted. Thereafter, nine of the ten counts were dismissed by the State.  The defendant then entered a plea to the last count and received two years probation.


1st Degree Murder; Armed Robbery

RESULT: 1st Degree Murder Dismissed.  Defendant Received 2 Years Probation on a Reduced Charge.

Defendant was arrested and charged with 1st degree murder. Allegedly the defendant and two other men went into a liquor store to commit an armed robbery.  While the defendant stood in line at the liquor store, the co-defendant held a gun to cashier and demanded money.  The cashier fought back and in the process he was shot and killed by the co-defendant.  Defendant was the cousin of the shooter. Through lengthy negotiations with the prosecutor and by pointing out the weaknesses in the State’s case, Mr. Wise was able to get the State to offer the defendant probation on a reduced charge.  The defendant received probation and no jail time.


Armed Robbery; Aggravated Battery; Unlawful Use of a Weapon

RESULT: All Charges Dismissed

The defendant was charged with the armed robbery of a shoe store.  Two eyewitnesses testified at the trial that defendant came into the store, pulled out a gun and pointed it directly at them.  They further testified that defendant tied them up with duct tape, placed the duct tape over their mouths, left them in the back of the store, and took all the money out of the cash register as well as their pockets. The defendant was in custody eleven months prior to retaining our firm. After a hard fought trial, the defendant was found not guilty of all charges and released from custody.


Residential Burglary (7 Counts) (7 Different Homes)

RESULT: All Charges Dismissed

Defendant was arrested and charged with seven counts of residential burglary. Over a short period of time numerous homes in Leyden Township were burglarized. The defendant, as well as two other co-defendants, gave written statements to Cook County Sheriff’s Police detectives admitting their roles in the crimes. The defendant admitted being the lookout and communicating with the co-defendants via two-way radio.  Mr. Wise filed a motion to quash arrest and suppress evidence on behalf of the defendant alleging that when the police arrested the defendant they did not have probable cause to make the arrest and therefore the written statement (confession) was bad and must be suppressed.  After hearing the evidence the Judge granted defendant’s motion to quash arrest and suppress evidence.  Thereafter, the State dismissed all charges against the defendant and he was released from custody

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