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Felony DUI in DuPage County

DUI Defense Attorney for Felony Charges

Are you facing felony DUI charges? This is a matter that should be addressed immediately by an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Imprisonment in state prison, heavy fines and license revocation are all potential consequences of a conviction of this kind, and you will need an attorney who understands these proceedings and your legal rights to protect you.

Fortunately, the team at the Law Offices of Howard J. Wise & Associates stands ready to help. We are former prosecutors who have handled thousands of DUI cases in our careers. We know how both sides of the system work and use this knowledge to secure better case results for our clients.

Aggravated DUI is a Felony Offense

In Illinois, any DUI offense that results in felony charges is classified as aggravated DUI. Under these charges, a defendant will be unable to suspend or reduce mandatory imprisonment or community service requirements. A defendant who is sentenced to probation or conditional discharge will also be required to serve at least 480 hours of community service or 10 days of imprisonment. Following are a few of the types of drunk driving offenses that will be classified as aggravated DUI:

  • Any third or subsequent DUI
  • DUI causing serious injury, disfigurement or disability
  • DUI causing death
  • DUI without a valid driver's license or insurance
  • DUI while operating a school bus

Fines for felony DUI may range all the way up to $25,000 and a defendant may face up to 28 years of imprisonment in some extreme cases (DUI manslaughter involving more than one death). A driver may also face permanent driver's license revocation.

If you would like to ensure that your freedom and legal rights are fully protected in the face of felony charges for driving under the influence, make sure you involve a lawyer who will fight for you and who has the experience to be the most effective.

Contact a DuPage County felony DUI lawyer at our offices today!

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