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DuPage County DUI Defense Lawyer

Defense Strategies to Challenge Drunk Driving Charges

In attempting to secure a conviction against a driver charged with DUI (driving under the influence), the prosecuting attorney will typically rely upon the following:

  • The arresting officer's testimony regarding the defendant's driving behavior, statements he or she made, overall behavior (slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, etc.) and performance on field sobriety tests.
  • The results of a breath test or blood test administered to gauge the defendant's blood alcohol concentration.
  • Police reports about the incident.
  • Physical evidence related to a collision if the driver was involved in an accident and is accused of causing injury or death while DUI.

The first two generally provide the foundation for the entire case against a driver. It is easy to feel that a case is helpless if the arresting officer is ready to testify that the driver was behaving erratically and failed field sobriety tests. A failed breath or blood test may only make matters worse. However, with the right approach an experienced DuPage County DUI attorney can get involved and can determine how to build an effective defense against blood/breath test results, field sobriety test results and the officer's testimony.

For example, the officer may claim that the driver was speeding, but does he have any evidence of this? Can his testimony be brought into question? The driver may have "failed" a breathalyzer, but what if an in-depth investigation into the matter reveals that the device used was not properly calibrated? Are the results still valid? Procedural, evidentiary or rights violations may all impact the government's case against a driver. If your lawyer is able to uncover any of these issues, this may turn the tide of the entire case in your favor.

Contact a DuPage County DUI defense attorney at our law offices to find out how we can challenge your charges and defend your legal rights!

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